Would you Spend $4 Million on THIS?!?

What you are looking at is a Lamborghini Veneno. This is Lamborghini's super exclusive and super rare hypercar. The price...$4 million USD. Obviously if you are paying so much money for a car, you would have some serious influence in how the car looked. What you see below is a perfect example of how money can't buy taste. This example of the Veneno lives in Geneva and the owner has curiously had the car painted in a disturbing cream colour with chrome wheels that would look more at home on a beat up Honda. 

The Veneno itself is already controversial with a range of critics taking the opportunity to poke fun of the car and it's outrageous design and price tag. Auto blogger Chris Harris described the Veneno as "an absolute dog's dinner", and I agree.

There is however some hope for the Veneno, clearly visible in the incredible noise its V12 engine makes, and the much more discrete grey and red colour scheme shown in the video below.

Author: Lachlan Wright