The Supercar Treatment! Group Video

For normal people like you and I, it’s not every day that you get to brag to you friends and family that you got to ride around in a Lamborghini for a day, but that’s exactly what our group had the opportunity to do as part of our assignment for our IT course.

With special thanks to our group leader Lachlan who put in the time and effort to get all the group members together as well as organising a time and place to shoot the video and Andre who owned the bright orange Lamborghini Diablo we had the pleasure to take a ride in.

Team photo before the shoot!
We started off our day with myself, Phi and Aseri meeting Lachlan in front of the Macquarie Library so we could all head off to Terry Hills where we would be meeting up with John and Andre to shoot the video. So around 10.30 we all got into the car headed off to Terry Hills, and with a quick coffee stop near our location we set off to where we would meet both John and Andre.
11 o’clock came as we met John and began our filming process with a quick intro for the video hosted by yours truly (Simran), but not even Hugh Jackman himself is a one hit wonder and let's just says that the introduction shoot took a lot longer and many more takes than it should have. But we did finally manage to get a take that we declared a decent enough opening just as we hear the loud roar of the Lamborghini engine.

After a few shots with Andre and the Lamborghini we head off, with John drawing the lucky straw and getting to ride in the luxury car as we made our way to the location at West Head. When we reach what Lachlan deems to be a good spot for shooting the video, we watched him set up his camera gear as the excitement really kicks in and we are all brimming with energy while waiting for our turns!
Time to start and the first person for their close up was Phi, Andre showed Phi how to get into the car without banging his head and then he is off. Phi, the lucky duck got quite a long ride in the Diablo, that at one stage we were all starting to wonder if they had somehow got lost or gone too far. But fear not after somewhere around 10 minutes later we heard the car as it zoomed past at breathtaking speeds and came to a screeching halt not too far away. The verdict from Andre was that Phi was a mute, and did not make a single sound, which is evidently seen in the video. Phi later told us that he was too scared that the car would lose control and crash to make a sound! Phi also made a big impact on the video, by operating the secondary camera throughout the shoot and also filmed with the primary camera during Lachlan's ride in the car. 

Second up was me, after Andre was once again kind enough to show me how to get into the car and close the door we set off. Now from a personal perspective I can honestly say that it was an experience of a lifetime! We took off with a couple of turns and bends at what I believe to be phenomenal speeds. The ride was over too soon and we headed back, in my words the ride was “bloody awesome” and Andre was very aware of my opinion as he let everyone know that he may be deaf in one ear after my high pitched screams as he took the turns at speeds I had never travelled.
After my ride, Andre suggested we move to a part further up where the track was a bit more diverse.
Lots of this behaviour!
So next person for their cameo was Aseri our group twitter expert, who was responsible for live tweeting the entire day! Once again she was shown how to get in the Diablo and then zoomed off. Her reaction much like mine was a bit of screaming here and there with a few ‘oh my god’ phrases thrown in. Aseri was also the first person in our group who got the full experience of the Lamborghini as it went up and down on a hill that happened to be in the later parts of West Head roads. Aseri had been living tweeting the entire event for our group and if you would like to see more reactions and candid footage from the day look on our twitter page Supercar Chronicles (

Finally it was time for Lachlan to have his ride, now Lachlan does this kind of stuff on quite a regular basis in comparison to the average person. So he was a pro at getting in and they were off as well with Lachlan trusting us with his very expensive camera gear that was used to film the video. Our seasoned pro showed us exactly how it was done, with a cool but still exhilarated reaction in the car, looking every bit the movie star with the glasses and Colgate smile. Lachlan was also responsible for editing the footage using Final Cut Pro X and uploading the video to youtube.
A photo showing the passenger seat and the gopro set up

Behind the scenes photo

Then last but not least John finally got his proper turn in the Diablo, as he had already had one ride, he was a pro at getting in. Like Lachlan, John had an exhilarated but still level-headed reaction to the ride and by far got the longest turn in the car. As John was the last one to have a go, we wanted to take a few pictures with the car and a few shots of the car zooming past. John was also responsible for taking photos on the day and as you can see in the shots below he is pretty good at it! Once we were all done we said our goodbyes and thanked Andre for offering up his time and then we were left in the dust as the Lamborghini Diablo sped off.

So what happens when you put a couple of university student in a Lamborghini for the first time? Pure happiness. 
That’s a wrap!

Author: Simran Singh